224 snowblower
224 snowblower

Husqvarna ST224P

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st224p snowblower
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Husqvarna ST224P has been developed for homeowners who need a high-performing snow blower to clear snow from large garage driveways and paths. Adjustable skid shoes allow the machine to work regardless of surface conditions. Plus, industry exclusive handles adjust to four positions for optimum ergonomics. An efficient two-stage system delivers plenty of throwing capacity, and a friction-disc transmission ensures smooth operation. Features include heated grips, LED headlights and an electric starter for quick startups in any weather. Working width is 24 inches. Suitable for all snow conditions.

  • Working width: 24 in 
  • Cylinder displacement: 208 cc
  • Transmission type: Friction Disc 
  • Blower type: Two-stage 

Two-stage system
Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

Loop handle
For optimum grip and control.

Heated handle grips
For a more comfortable operation in cold climate.

LED headlights
LED headlights for easy operation when it's dark.

  • Electric starter 
  • Oversized heavy tread tires 
  • X-trac, heavy-tread tires 
  • Plastic skid shoes 
  • Adjustable skid shoes 
  • Robust auger housing 
  • Aluminium auger gearbox 
  • High speed impeller 
  • Remote chute rotator 
  • Remote chute deflector 
  • Interlock handle 
  • Clearing stick 
  • Quiet muffler 
  • Throttle control 
  • Premium control cables 
  • Pin-lock wheels 
  • LED headlights 
  • Heated handle grips 
  • Loop handle

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